Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sunday, February 18, 2018

One Week Into Our Newest Church Plant! God is Calling People To Himself

Here we grow!  One week later….

The presence of the Lord was certainly within our midst. I am thinking we will need a much bigger space, very soon. I watched a baseball movie years ago and in it someone said “If you build it, they will come” (Field of Dreams). So too the Bible states “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). I tell you, if you ask of God, He will not disappoint. There were 10 visitors with us today! 10. Thank you Jesus!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

When We Take The Easy Path

Choosing To Compromise

In the years 336 – 323 BC, Alexander the Great was leader of the known world. He “fought many battles, conquered strongholds, put kings to death, advanced to the ends of the earth and plundered nations” (Apoc.). He ruled the world for 12 years. The Jewish people had hoped for continued economic stability, as they had under the rule of the Ptolemaic kings, even Cleopatra. But this was not to be so. 

Alexander the Great called his closest and most respected military officers and divided the nations among them. Under this new leadership, “many evils were caused upon the earth” (Apoc. 199).
As is usually the case, insiders decided “Since we have separated from the Gentiles around us, many disasters have come upon us”. A proposal was made to bow to the new kings of the land (in this region it was Antiochus Epiphanes) rather than seek God for a solution to the hardships they were experiencing. I find it interesting that we usually give in and return to the familiar, rather than embrace the present circumstance and seek God. I tell you, this is hard! When faced with a tough decision, and I have been there many times, I go back in search of ease, rather than seek God’s face for direction. Could it be that God permitted these things in order to advance His cause? The question then is where do I fit into this narrative? Is God asking for something new? Is He asking me to adopt a new strategy or to stretch my faith beyond what I am accustomed to? Every time I face a mountain, it’s an opportunity for God to remove it. Unfortunately, most times I take the long and hard road of going around the mountain or allowing the mountain to fall on me (smh). God, give me faith to face this one!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Praying for the victims of the Parkland Mass shooting in Florida

When Death Comes...

DEATH    When it comes, we are reminded of another world; one we pay very little attention to – the spiritual world. It exists! The place to which our loved one departed. Now we’re all alone. People around us, yes, but we can’t help but feeling all alone. We miss you. How will we live without you? You were part of our world. Love you, hate you, can’t stand you, must have you…We miss you. Now you are gone. Where to? How can you do this to us? Why did you have to go like this? A range of emotions we feel at this time. We wish you were still here. We feel lost without you.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The People Who Neglected God

Neglect God, Love The World - Malachi
Malachi speaks very strongly concerning Messiah coming – his prophecies relate to both comings of Jesus. In chapter 4, he begins with “The great day of the Lord”, using imagery such as “burning like an oven, the wicked will be stubble, burn them up (there's a Jamaican way of saying this one that's stronger), leave them neither root nor branch, trample the wicked, ashes under the soles of your feet, strike the earth with a curse”. I am assuming the people knew he was prophesying, but these were harsh words. Yet to the people of God, these were comforting words to hear about their oppressors. How easy it is to wish destruction upon your enemies or your oppressor.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Christians in The Minority or The Majority?

A Typical Day At The Beach In The Bahamas
It's the day before we launch a new Apostolic church ministry in Fort Lauderdale Florida . I thought how best to spend the morning than at the beach, one of my favorite places. Already a good group of people here, plus this is a tourist area (Bahamas). Some playing games, some walking, some exercising, some (like me) just hanging out. Oh, there's a couple hanging out with their dog ...dogs must have beach time too y'know.

But within the crowd is a small group of people (party of 7); they were up to something different. They were singing songs, praying and lifting hands and heart in worship...the worship of the sovereign God of heaven. How do I know? They were calling His name, Jesus!

Ministry Beginnings @ Transformation Fort Lauderdale

Day 1 – Transformation Ministries Florida

Well, it’s in the books! First day of Ministry. The day I have been anticipating for years. A dream, a calling, a passion? Call it what you will, my Dad and family have started a new ministry. This I believe is a high privilege. A bit anxious the night before. I flew in from Nassau, got a haircut, and went to hang out with the team in Deerfield Beach...Nothing like some good "American Food" - burgers, nachos with cheese, chicken wings, coke. Things we take for granted...Can't get this on the islands.  A little later, I headed back to the hotel to check out the meeting space. We'd been working on plans for a while. A range of emotions when we were done with the setup...